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  • Being a part of the 22 smoking aces amd T1LT team has changed my life in every way possible. It’s not just about fitness and programmes. It’s more than that. It’s a sense of belonging, a support network and most importantly family. I have been pushed. Picked up, dusted off and supported non stop through my journey. Our aim is to motivate, advise and just be there for each other. Through every struggle I have been through, someone from the team has been there, every step of the way. Even talking directly via text or phone calls. Everyone has some form of input on a variety of subject matter and it’s amazing. Thank You guys. Love you all. And thank you for everything you have done for me. Much love!

    • Big Dan The bear
  • Let me start by saying this isn’t an everyday ‘testimonial’ because 22SmokinAceS isn’t an everyday thing.

    The reason I joined the T1LT Team is for two reasons.
    1, I’d hit early thirties and was unfit, lacked motivation and getting fat.
    2. I had tried different diets and gyms but nothing had grabbed me.

    Then I saw this fairly new group all over social media pushing the limits of not only themselves and their teammates but fitness and exercise itself.
    I knew then that I wanted in.
    It was the Team of misfits that I’d been looking for to push be beyond my own limits.

    Having spoken to the head shed who are fantastic. I was in and from that very first day the whole T1LT Team has massive support and advice for a new boy like me.

    The fitness regimes are fantastic and will push you further than you will ever go on your own, the apparel is top quality and designs are always imitated by those that wish to be us.

    But that’s not all what 22 Smoking AceS is about. It’s more than that. It’s a brother and sisterhood of like minded individuals that continue to thrive to be the best in everything that they do, in their own fitness/training/ and family life.

    It’s the support network you gain from many different backgrounds and levels from relatively fresh minds to the hugely experienced ex service gents from all over the World.

    It’s the motivation to do more, be more, and achieve more! Savage not Average.

    It has given me the drive and confidence to follow my dreams and fulfil a lifetime goal. It has changed my mentality on life as a whole and has improved my life no end.

    And for that I will always be grateful to the most misfit team that has found itself together.


    • Tim
  • I’m very pleased with the T-shirts and fitness programme from 22 Smokin AceS. This is in my view the best you can find anywhere and the Quality is perfect for training. 22 Smokin AceS are always looking to improve and are always willing to help and they never stand still. I am more than happy and would recommend them to everyone I know. This is a must have for anyone wanting to get fit and wear Qaulity Apperal from the best Team out there. Every man an Emperor with the Apperal and training worthy of an Emperor.

    • Phil
  • Got in contact with Dan to improve conditioning and fitness in preparation for the Para’s. Not only is Dan highly knowledgeable and always helping to improve and get the most out of every workout. But also has a great team of athletes with the 22 Smokin AceS community. I Wouldn’t leave my preparation for the Para’s up to anyone else. Best of the best and you get more than your money’s worth. Highly recommend to anyone!!

    • Luke
  • An incredible program and team to be a part of, pushing each other on together with the strong foundation of leadership from the top.

    I can not recommend getting involved with 22 Smoking Aces programs enough!!

    • James Attewell