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I reached out to 22 Smokin AceS when I wanted to prep for an arduous course I found it hard initially to find the structure or method of approach when it came to this course, 22 Smokin AceS  provided me with a solid training plan and allowed me to join different team groups that are in place. The training plan is second to none and had me fully equipped by the time I started the course bringing me from a basic level of fitness to the much higher standard required. The teams have a plethora of knowledge and experience and 22 Smokin AceS  like other members of the team is no stranger to arduous courses making their advice invaluable to those that aspire to push their limits. There is Ladies and Gents from numerous backgrounds working hard every day all around the world which is extremely motivational to see especially since I trained alone, this is evident by the posts out on the Instagram pages. 22 Smokin AceS and the head shed are constantly working hard to provide training ideas and kit for the teams and they are constantly on hand to help with any questions regarding training or nutrition, the support network is unbelievable and helped me and others on numerous occasions.
I cannot recommend the team enough if you want to strive to better yourself every day.
- J -
I approached 22 Smokin AceS because I had hit a plateau in my training, was losing the spark in wanting to train and needed new ways in pushing my limits. 22 Smokin AceS helped me by allowing me into their group and passing onto me knowledge and experience of training and nutrition. The result was immediate. I used what was shown to me, the workout cards, the nutrition and found myself able to push further and build not just upon my strengths but also my weaknesses. My mindset became more positive and I found that other parts of my life improved as well. One thing I like is their openness. If I ever need help or have questions I can send a text or fire off an email and they will get back to me fast and assist me where necessary. 22 Smokin AceS is run by extraordinary gents doing extraordinary things! They have assisted in reigniting my fire to train and become the best I can be. I would recommend 22 Smokin AceS to anyone who wants to become the best that they can be. To find that edge and push themselves to their limits and then further.
Thank you 22 Smokin AceS team!
- Zach -
The team here at 22 Smokin AceS is one of the best around! There is such a variety of different individuals that offer a constant source of motivation, support and advice!
Well worth joining!
 - TC -
I have very recently taken receipt of a training package from 22 Smokin Aces.   The content is incredible and very well detailed.  Its not just a training package.  Its also joining a team of like minded individuals who instantly welcomed me and all offered support. 
Cannot recommend this team enough. 
- Craig Neeson - 
Just to say I was welcomed to the 22 Smoking AceS team a month ago, I feel proud & honored to be a part of such a professional team. Very welcoming & great to pick knowledge from a variety of fellow professionals, Can’t speak highly enough of 22 Smokin AceS!! Absolute scholar & gentleman, along within absolute warrior & day/night honey badger, just the type of team leader you work day & night for! Also made some great online friends who regularly help & support on whatever their goals are, whether it be diet, phys or just having a tough day, I’ll have anybody’s 6 if they have mine,

Don’t delay, join the force today

- sweeno_11_t1lt -
If you want to differentiate yourself from those who talk the talk, this is the place to do it. Unreal programming catered for everyone's needs. Professional service throughout and quality products. 
The man has been there and done it, take heed and own the day.
- Jay A -
When I first joined 22 Smokin AceS I was unmotivated, unfit, and out of shape. I contacted them and was helped onto the path by 22 Smokin AceS. The wealth of knowledge is unbelievable and the positive attitudes in the team is unrivaled. Everyone is happy to send advice, but also humble enough to know when they are not the expert in a specific field and will point you to someone that is. I am still not the fittest or most motivated but every day I do a little more than I did the day before. The apparel is also just as awesome as the people involved. Great quality Great designs and variety.
I will tell anyone who asks and more that I recommend 22 Smokin AceS.
- Timbo -
I have been an ambassador for the brand and team for more than a year now. The clothing lines are of good quality, and of awesome design. I got drawn to the team by its ‘larger than life’ founder. His training principles, enthusiasm and drive are both magnetic and infectious. A true inspiration. All members within the team bring their respective experience and help mould a dynamic training team who share their wealth of knowledge without prejudice or judgment.
This training team is truly unique in it’s make up and a force to be reckoned with.
I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and their training premise.
- Dusty Miller -
Sports Therapist and Master Trainer
‘I found 22 Smokin’ AceS on Instagram Social Media. At the time, personal motivation and discipline was waning and I had a lot of questions I needed to answer in life. After contacting 22 Smokin Aces (and not expecting a reply), their inspirational and detailed reply and offer to join the Team changed my attitude to training and every day life instantly . As a former soldier I was able to engage on a level with Senior PTI’s, current and former soldiers and more advanced civilian athletes, as well take a roll as a leader myself for those looking to pursue a similar military path to mine. Every day had become a school day...led from the front by The Boss. Attention to detail and masses of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement as well as a much needed and renewed ‘Adapt, Overcome, Conquer and Prevail’ mindset was adopted  No excuses training, accountability, support, like-minded individuals and ever changing new ways of training and approaching life take you away from ‘the average’. 2am, 4am, 6am workout videos from the team and The Boss, the relentless pursuit of excellence, no excuses and self discipline.
Training programs, guidance, information and inspiration on a different level’.
- daiwatkinspt_t1lt -
I started with 22 Smokin AceS through their training plans; it proved to be the perfect 6 month format for me, striking the right balance between strength and conditioning, endurance, power, speed and agility. These are military style programs written by those who have operated at Tier 1 level and they kick ass.
I’m proud to wear the brand’s merchandise, top quality t-shirts, caps and more with logos and slogans that all have their roots in the brand’s core military ethos. 
This isn’t just a company, it’s also a group of like minded people, constantly in contact with each other, sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom. I’m proud to say I’m T1LT.
- James H -