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  • Stuck in a bad place in my life, Now absolutely love finding new ways to trash myself. 22SmokinAces isn’t just about training and clothing it’s also about the mind set. I’ll never look back. Thank you.

    • Tommy Stone
  • Ive been training for a month now on these programs and the results have been amazing down in my body fat and my weight has stayed the same id recommend to anyone especially armed forces members ! Onwards and Upwards

    • Cal
  • The fitness plan was just what I needed to kick start myself into training again, not only that but I lost at least 2 inches from my waist and started to gain the right kind of size! I’m not part of a team of hard training bad asses that inspire me to smash it every day! Not only that but the quality of all the apparel is second to none! Comfortable and feels a lot more expensive!

    • Ricky
  • Badass kit, badass training, badass support. I’ve tabbed a few hundred miles in my first shirt and it still looks good as new. The training is not only savage as but also there are tons of options so regardless of what equipment you have you can make it happen. The team and cameraderie ties it all together and is definitely what really differentiates these guys from other companies. No excuses. Make it happen. 22 Smokin AceS and the T1LT team is the way to go no matter your walk of life or goals.

    • Akira