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Please take some time and read this. Let me introduce myself first, so you know my background. Many years ago I joined the Royal Marine Reserves (RMR), Passing all of the Commando Tests, and where I did very well and stood out from the crowd, the NCOs wanted me to join the Corp as soon as possible as I was strong and keen, at the same time I was studying at University, carrying out Sport Science studies.  I gained distinction in this area. At the end of University, I had to make a choice go into the Marines or the Parachute Regiment. I knew all about the Corp, that it was hard, and an Elite fighting unit. But I wanted another challenge and I knew the Parachute Regiment was also made up of hard and elite soldiers also. I was inspired by a close friend Who was a top Sniper within 2 Para he explained the Paras are very hard, and an excellent stepping stone to the SAS. My target and Goals were set, 2 Para, PTI, Badged Sniper, SAS!!!! I gained them all.

I decided to Join the Parachute Regiment. Within Depot Para I gained a number of the Top Student Awards and Best Shot. Already helping my team mates and driving us to be the best we could be as a team. And for ourselves. When I joined 2 Para, I joined a Rifle Company “C Coy 8 PLT”, I stood out in the platoon as an older and calm and professional tough character.

Within 2 Para, the Patrols platoon, and the Sniper Platoon. Were the most Elite Platoons and toughest to get into. With the best of the best Paratroopers within the Platoons, with a hard Selection, only passing the best to serve within the platoon. This Selection was based on SAS selection. Another challenge and I had to crack it. And I smashed it. One more step towards the SAS.

I worked hard and gained my Parachute Regiment Physical Training Instructor qualifications, PTI, and Sniper qualifications, Jungle Specialist, Mountain leader, Gunner, Mortarmen, Medic, Heavy weapons and much more. I was always pushing my fitness and skills and drills and helping and inspiring my team and fellow Paratroopers. Leading by example, I was a fighting fit, switched on Paratrooper. I moved on from the Paras and went on Selection and Passed, and joined the teams at Hereford (22 SAS) Where we took the fight to the enemy, and got the job done where ever we were sent. Many busy years working with the best from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Working closely with the Police around the UK from England to Scotland to NI, good to go for urban operations on the team.

I was always pushing my fitness and had a name as a machine within Hereford and on Ops. After my time at Hereford. I carried out a Civilian Personal Trainer course to add to my skills. Since then over the years I have helped many guys with training from my own tried and tested training and programs. Pushing my clients and colleagues at work and on Special Projects around the globe. Preparing close friends and clients for many Bodybuilding and Physique Competitions and winning. 

I believe in pushing my body and mind to the edge of comfort zone and passed it!!!!!


 22 Smokin AceS

Tier1 Athlete training list

Tier1 Athlete list 

  1. Bespoke Tailored Programs Basic, Intermediate, Advanced training systems,
  2. Package deals.
  3. Individual programs.                               
  4. Tier1 Selection Prep and Readiness Program 17 weeks -    
  5. Tier1 guidance
  6. Map reading 1-(free with Tier1 training)
  7. Map reading 2 – (free with Tier1training)
  8. Basic Tier1 history- (free with sf training) 
  9. Tier1 Information-                 
  10. Pre Army Entry fitness plan basic 6 weeks
  11. Pre Parachute Regiment Training Program – 12 weeks
  12. Parachute Regiment information-
  13. Pre Royal Marine Commando Training Program – 12 weeks
  14. Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine Commando Advanced Continuation Fitness training 14 weeks.
  15. T1LTPCandidate Record plan-
  16. Combat Strength Training-(Free)
  18. 4 Week Overload Program – Basic to Advanced training.
  19. 4 weeks 6-day Body Building Competition Training plan – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.
  20. Bodyweight Calisthenics Training Plan- Basic to Advanced levels
  21. Volume Training Plan -
  22. Hypertrophy Diet – Example
  23. 4 Week Push Pull Training Levels Basic
  24. 4-week Intermediate Push Pull Training.
  25. 4-week Advanced Push Pull Training
  26. Strength Endurance Plan –
  27. Strength + Hypertrophy Plan-
  28. Overload Training Plan – Basic - Advanced
  29. CV Training- Guidance
  30. Swim Training- Training and Guidance
  31. Calf Training- Training and Guidance.
  32. Spartan Workouts Training Plan -
  33. Tier1 WODs – (basic to advanced)
  34. Tier1 Bodyweight Training Circuit levels 1 – 20- (starter to Tier1 Athlete.)
  35. Do’s for Training- Supplement Guidance-
  36. Basic training starter Program -
  37. 6-week Parachute Regiment Get fit training program
  38. Free Combat Strength Training
  39. Map Reading 1 (Guidance and revision prep)
  40. Map Reading 2 (Guidance and revision prep)
  41. 22nd Special Operations Fitness card.
  42. TRX training videos (Free Guidance)
  43. 12-week Basic Strong Man Training
  44. Strength and Conditioning Training
  45. Strength and hypertrophy
  46. Airborne Obscene Circuit
  47. 22 special operations training card
  48. Airborne Killer Circuit Training
  49. Bootneck Oblivion circuit training
  50. Para and Marine insanity circuit
  51. Spartan 300 Circuit
  52. Tier1 Maniac Circuit Training
  53. PRMC Royal Marine Commando (Summary of the week)
  54. PRAC Parachute Regiment (Summery of the week)


More on request (Bespoke training and tailored programs)


  1. T1LT Closed Group – Chat / Banta , (group chat, sharing, knowledge, inspiring, help and guidance.
  1. T1LT Closed Group – Training, (group chat, sharing, knowledge, inspiring, help and guidance.
  1. T1LT Closed Group – Nutrition, (group chat, sharing, knowledge, inspiring, help and guidance.
  1. T1LT Closed Group – SF PREP (group chat, sharing, knowledge, inspiring, help and guidance.
  1. Special OFFER overseas Training from the Best Military and Law Enforcement units around the globe.

You can opt to be in all groups, or single groups, linked to your package deal.


I look forward to hearing from you to talk about what you need??? And what is best for you ??? so we can make this happen for you.


See below for prices and see attached list for programs.


Programs and Packages Explained

T6LT – Tier6 Athlete program £39.99 x1 program - chosen from the program list (does not include Tier1 Prep)


T5LT -Tier5 Athlete programs £49.99 x2 programs chosen from the program list (does not include Tier1 Prep)


T4LT -Tier4 Athlete £69.99 x3 programs, chosen from the program list (does not include Tier1 Prep)


T3LT – Tier3 Athlete £89.99 x4 programs chosen from the program list (does not include Tier1 Prep)


T2LT – Tier2 Athlete £99.99 Elite Military Training package 30 weeks Prep 14 weeks Continuation = 44 weeks training + intermediate support, guidance, answering questions and daily chats and guidance (does not include Tier1 PREP) – (consists of Para and Marine Basic, intermediate, advanced, maintenance training. (Closed team groups chat, training, nutrition)


(Training Package consists of 22 Training programs plus Map Meading and extras)


T1LT – Tier1 Athlete £119.99 package advanced support, consultation, guidance, motivation, answering question, online and Phone communications, mentoring. T1LT – SF Team (Special Fitness Team) –  T1LT WhatsApp Closed Group. (does not include Tier1 PREP) (team groups chat, training, nutrition)


(Training package consists of 55 extensive PDFs of programs and guidance and closed group)

T1LT (POLICE Specialist Services Fitness) – 44-week package +more. Tier1 Athlete £119.99 package advanced support, consultation, guidance, motivation, answering question, online and Phone communications, mentoring. T1LT – Tier1 Team –  T1LT WhatsApp Closed Groups (team groups chat, training, nutrition)

 (does not include Tier1 PREP)


 (Training package consists of 55 extensive PDFs of programs and guidance + closed group)


T1LT (Tier1) – 44-week para and marine build up training + 17 week Tier1 Prep £149.99 advanced Package + more training and programs. consultations, guidance, motivation, question answering, online, phone comms, mentoring, map reading guidance, brief history. Combat Strength Training +, T1LT (+ T1TF closed WhatsApp groups (team groups chat, training, nutrition, Tier1 prep.)


 (Training package consists 52 extensive PDFs of programs and guidance + closed group)


What do you want???  What is best for you????

I’m here to help and want to make this work for you, in the means you can afford and want to spend. For Nutrition please check out and visit My colleague Ben@blueberry-nutrition.co.uk can help with perfect nutritional advice and guidance as well. this is his specialty. for all muscle gains or weight loss. @blueberrynutriton (Instagram)


All plans vary, in length and style to shock the body. And to say thank you for contacting me


I do this as I was inspired many years ago by close friends who are not with us anymore sadly, but they both had Parachute Regiment, Royal Marine Commandos and Tier1 backgrounds, they were fit guys, excellent soldiers, fit strong and badass they inspired me to hammer all I have done, but then sadly were taken from us, but they inspired me and gave me drive to do all I have, and now its good to do the same for others. as we need strong soldiers serving in our elite fighting units and security services. 


I look forward to hearing from you, so we can smash this out and make it happen for you.


I believe and know my training and guidance and it will help you make it happen. From personal experience this training and guidance, has been proven and is helping everyone who is using it see my teams posts and please contact them, every client is killing it, and you will as well.


Please think clearly what you want and need? and please let me know if interested or not. I have the way, if you have the will and want to invest in yourself and your training.

Thank you for making contact, the first and hardest step to take, but you are already taking charge to smash your fitness and achieve your targets and goals

 fitness and skills and limits, always challenging myself in new ways, and doing what others say I can’t!!!

to progress my


Where there is a will there is a way!!!!

I Can!!!!

I Will!!!!

I'll Smash it.!!!!

Get It Done!!!

I am Savage Not Average!!!!!

Do or Die Trying Paratrooper Attitude and will to succeed!!!!


I do. Just as you can, and will do!!!!! Do you want it????


By using shock and awe training, mixing it up and maxing out pushing yourself above and beyond personal limits, where there is a will there is a way, Who Dares Wins. Make the choice and Make It Happen.

I’m teaching / passing on personal knowledge and experience, from 22+ years of experiences. 

Get your mind set right, and push the body to follow. never fail yourself and push on and Get It Done. 


I can help you achieve your goals, and smash your targets, it’s up to you to utilize and drive on and make it happen. now and always. Always a little further, be the Pilgrim.