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5.11 Plate Carrier With 10lb FLAT Plates - GREY
5.11 Plate Carrier With 10lb FLAT Plates - GREY
5.11 Plate Carrier With 10lb FLAT Plates - GREY

5.11 Plate Carrier With 10lb FLAT Plates - GREY

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5.11 Tactical brings you the TacTec Plate Carrier, which were designed to be the most lightweight and best- fitting plate carriers you can find and constructed to ensure high performance while remaining lightweight and mobile.

  • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement

  • Accommodates medium or large ballistic plates

  • Back yoke shoulder pads distribute weight evenly

  • Abrasion resistant 500D nylon

  • Adjustable waist and tensional bands

  • Extendable GrabDrag handle for emergency exfiltration

  • One-handed quick-release

  • Water-resistant coating

  • Oversized airflow panels

  • Durable Duraflex® hardware

  • Web ID loop

5.11's line of TacTec Plate Carriers offer protection where you need it most, creating a bulwark of superior penetration resistance without the weight or bulkiness of a traditional flak jacket. Designed to ensure high performance protection while remaining lightweight and mobile, the TacTec Plate Carrier features a skeletonised waistband and yoke shoulder pads for a secure and comfortable fit, an integrated web platform, a one-handed quick-release/escape system, and adjustable elastic tensional bands for stability during periods of high activity. Tactical Plate Carriers also feature 5.11's patent-pending low profile GrabDrag handle for fast recovery of downed personnel.

Fits 24mm wide medium (12.5" H x 9.5" L x 2" W) and large (13.25" x 10.25" x 2.25") SAPI plates. Standard cummerbunds will accommodate a 52" circumference with the elastic relaxed, and up to 57" when fully extended.

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5.11 Plate Carrier With 10lb FLAT Plates - GREY